Service Usecases

You can use service in different situations. It can be used by people of all ages and professions.

Elderly people

Elderly or sick people can be in touch with relatives and tell them that everything is fine with them. Just login once a day (you can set the interval yourself) to the service and the relatives know that everything is fine. If missed the login - relatives will receive an alarm signal.

Students and workers abroad

Sometimes, when we go to work or study abroad, we are so busy that we forget to call our relatives. They are worried. One minute is enough to login to our service every 2-3 days and your family will be calm. After all, the absense of alarm messages is a good news.

Anyone in a dangerous situation

If you know that something unpleasant can happen, you can set up sending a signal (after a certain number of days of your absence on the service) with an alarm message and necessary information.


Traveling in places with limited mobile coverage, you may face a problem of poor communication or the appearance of it for a short time. And here our service will help - 1 minute is enough to login to the service once per 3-4 days and your family will know that you are ok.

Bloggers and site owners

Now, almost everyone has a blog or website, but not every day we visit and check our web resources. To help site owners, our service provides a signal "monitoring web resources" - if your blog will stop working, you will be informed about that.

Busy people

Sometimes, we forget about meetings, visits to the doctor, birthdays and other important events in our life. Notes with records are lost and a calendar is not always at hand. We offer a “reminder” signal - set up a message for a specific date and receive an email with a reminder of the event.