Monitor web resource

With this personal notification service, you may make sure that everything is ok with your web resource: server, site or particular web page. We provide free website uptime monitoring.

Signal will be sent if the resource is not available or returns HTTP error 400 and above.

This is not a kind of professional web monitoring tool. It's a simple website uptime monitoring service. If you will receive a signal that your website does not work, please, verify that status manually - try to open it in your browser before taking recovering measures.

After triggering, this signal will be disabled. To make it working again, you will need to login to the website and enable the signal manually.

7 reasons to begin monitoring your website right now

If you are an online entrepreneur or an aspiring blogger, you surely know that the website is the primary source of income as well as the platform for sharing thoughts and ideas in order to capitalize on followers’ attention. It has to be operational at all times in order to keep the income stream intact and to further expand the pool of your clients and followers. Unfortunately, there are some irresponsible website owners who tend to neglect such an important thing as checking website uptime as well as other activities that ensure the proper functioning of a blog, an e-commerce platform or any other website. Even if your website has been working like a Swiss watch for some time, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of a major breakdown of which you could remain unaware and consequently suffer the outflow of visitor and lose potential clients. These are not the only reasons why should make it a rule to regularly monitor the website’s uptime.

Reason # 1. You can equate the downtime of your website with the material losses, especially if you are running an e-commerce platform. The stats show that if a new visitor finds that the website is currently unavailable, the likelihood of him getting back to that online resource is only 3%.

Reason # 2. The reputation of your website will suffer greatly in you don’t take the measures to put the website back online as soon as possible, or at least inform the regular visitors about the outage via email or another mean of communication.

Reason # 3. The unceasing monitoring will help you to detect and avert a cyber-attack on your website that may cause havoc among the users and probably cost you the client database.

Reason # 4. The recurring downtimes can be detrimental to your web resource overall ranking with Google or any other search engine.

Reason # 5. You can present the lack or the shortness of the site’s downtime as your strong suits in a marketing campaign.

Reason # 6. Thanks to monitoring, you will be able to tell whether your hosting company is doing a good job of ensuring your website’s sustainability.

Reason # 7. The remote website monitoring services will relieve you of the necessity of checking its operability manually. You can get notifications about the occurred downtime even when being away from the office, in the car or on holiday. Signaled is one of the best monitoring services that can help you in that matter.

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