Rules of the service

  1. website uses cookies. If you disagree with that, please, stop using this website.
  2. Upon registration, you confirm that you completely understand and agree with legal information and restrictions provided in this document.
  3. service do not collect unnecessary personal information. You need to provide only email and, optionally, name.
  4. Registration procedure includes email verification stage.
  5. We do not keep passwords in plaintext form. So, if you forgot your password, the system will generate a new one and send it to your email address.
  6. You may change your password anytime.
  7. You may delete your account together will all related information anytime.
  8. You are welcome to leave your requests, comments and proposals on "Contact" page.
  9. You have to understand that our service cannot guarantee 100% delivery of your signals, as stated in legal information. Email servers may decline emails, sent emails may appear in Spam folders, network filters may block access to services, etc. So, we recommend you to run a test signal before set up important one.

Working with signals

  1. You can create up to 3 signals of each type.
  2. You may enable disabled signals.
  3. You may edit or delete existing signals.
  4. Each signal have one condition and one action which will be executed if condition result will be positive.
  5. Currently, service supports 3 conditions (Login check, Web monitor and Reminder) and 2 actions (Send email and Click URL).
  6. Once a day service will execute all signals.
  7. Signal will be included first time into execution round on the next day after creation.
  8. Disabled signals will not be executed.
  9. If signal condition succeeded and action completed successfully, signal will be disabled. So, to keep this signal running, you will need to login and re-enable it.
  10. If signal condition succeeded and action failed, the system will try to execute signal 3 times (days), after that signal will be disabled.
  11. If signal condition failed, the system will execute it next time.
  12. HTTP conditions and actions performs only HEAD requests, they do not read response body. They support redirect responses, up to 10 hops.
  13. Reminder signals will be deleted after successful execution.