Privacy Policy

  1. What information do we collect?
    • Upon registration on service, you need to provide email and, optionally, name. Also, you need to choose a password for your account.
    • When working with Service, you create signals. This content (signal messages, email recipient addresses) also stored at the Service.
  2. We do not share your information with any persons or organizations.
  3. To additionally reduce the possible risk related to your personal information safety, you may do the following:
    • You do not ought to provide your real name. The name is optional at all.
    • You may not use your primary email to register at the Service.
    • service does not have strict password policy, but, it is recommended to choose strong and unique password for this Service.
    • You may not keep top secret information in your messages stored at the Service. It is always possible to send an appropriately protected link to this information stored at a very safe service.
  4. How is the information used.
    • Your name, if provided, used only to make appeal to you when the Service needs to contact you.
    • Email is needed for service-related purposes such as password change, etc.
    • Content of your signals used to send messages from the Service.
  5. How is the information stored and protected.
    • Your name, email and content of signals are stored in password-protected database which is not available directly from Internet.
    • Password is stored in encrypted form only.
    • User account information is protected by a password. Only successfully logged in users can access their content.
    • All interaction with the service is carried out through a secure connection (SSL) only.
  6. Cookies and log files.
    • website uses cookies. These cookies are used to provide login sessions and do not contain any personal information.
    • All events in the system are logged into secure database for technical purposes. These records do not contain personal information and deleted periodically.
  7. Opt out and personal data deletion.
    • You may delete individual signals anytime.
    • You may delete your account together will all related information anytime.
    • If you need to delete all your information from the Service, you don't need to send any requests. You may just press "Delete Me" button under your name when you logged in, and all your information will be removed from the Service.
      If you forgot your password and cannot log in, you may press "Change password" button, get your new password via email and use it to login and delete all information.