Service Reviews

, 07/04/2019, 5/5

I use this service to track the performance of my 2 blogs and sites. After all, if the site stops working this is a loss of visitors and money. And so if what a failure in the site, I immediately get an email. Very easy to use service and most importantly free.

, 07/04/2019, 5/5

I created an alarm for my grandparents, they live in a nearby city. And I asked them to go to the site every day so that I knew that everything was fine with them. At first they forgot, but I put another reminder on their mobile. And now every day they visit the site, and I am calm. Useful and easy service.

, 05/03/2019, 5/5

I told my parents about this site and asked to use it. Just go to the site once and I will know that everything is fine with my parents. Parents resisted at first that I would have called them better. But I cannot call every day, and every day I am calm that everything is fine with them.

, 2019-05-02 23:23:47, 5/5

I use the service when I go on a trip to places where there may be problems with communication. For example, when exploring forests, or want to visit the glacier in Argentina. I use the service to inform my family that I am fine and they are not worried. For example, I went hiking in the woods for 3 days, there was almost no communication there. Therefore, the service created an alarm signal - that I should visit the service in 3 days. Those. if after 3 days I do not go to the service, then my family will receive a message that something happened to me. But from the hike I returned on time, after 3 days I went to the service and my parents knew that everything was fine with me.

, 03/18/2019, 5/5

New Startup Ideas are certainly interesting, but they still need to be developed. Especially liked the personal alarm service will provide you with information about your friend. If your friend does not use his mail, the personal alarm service will send you a signal, which means you should call your friend.

, 03/18/2019, 5/5

I have a very busy schedule. Sometimes you forget dates, to congratulate your relatives, employees on your birthday, anniversary. Daughter set me E-mail notification is received without delay. I would like a brighter and more fun interface. And otherwise great service. I recommend, service as your second memory, will become an indispensable assistant.

, 2019-02-18 21:39:40, 4/5

An interesting service. I will tell my grandmother to use. So it will come every two days and I will be calm. Yes, old people may forget to come in and there will be a false alarm. But here you can also find a plus - once again call and find out how things are. I will use this alert alarm systems.

, 2019-01-16 21:38:30, 5/5

I really liked to use the signal, especially when very busy and you can forget about which cases. I work as a Secretary and it is necessary to provide information in a certain period, and it is very much and often forget about the timing when the signal is set then everything is sent on time and the reports are not disrupted. All recommend.

, 2018-09-12 21:37:14, 5/5

I want to say that this service is not fib. I am using this website. This is cool, just use it. Personal alarm service will give you information about your friend. If your friend does not use his mail, personal alarm service will send you a signal, which means you should call your friend.

, 2018-08-12 21:34:56, 5/5

New startup. At the initial stage of development, but the ideas are good. A little ennoble and will be great online notification service. Now the age of Internet technology, in my head you can not keep everything and reminders just the way. And everyone has blogs. And care services for the elderly are now in vogue. Everything in one place is quite convenient and most importantly free. What I liked: Many different signals What is not liked: The site is simple to read - although they are only at the initial stage of development.

, 05/14/2018, 5/5

That's a simple and convenient service, it helps me to make sure that everything is ok with my dad.