I am not OK

This service will send alarm if you have not login to Signaled website for some number of days. This could help people to let their relatives or another interested persons know that, probably, something wrong happened.

Having set up such a signal, user should login to the website at least once within a set up period, or the care alert alarm will be triggered.

Who can use this service?

It could be useful for people with health problems, to help their relatives make sure that everything is ok. May work as old person alarm system who live alone in the house. Also, it would be used by travelers, students and workers abroad who do not have a lot of time to call their parents every day. People who know that something wrong could happen with them, can use this service to send an alarm message to anybody. Signaled - personal alarm system for everyone.

It is possible to set up one-click login procedure with Autologin ("remember me") option or login from Facebook / Google. You will not need to enter email/password every time you want to login to the website. Just create a shortcut with target URL "https://www.signaled.online/" if you use Signaled login, "https://www.signaled.online/fbauth" if you use Facebook login, and "https://www.signaled.online/gauth" if you use Google login. After that, shortcut to signaled.online website could be placed on desktop or smartphone screen. All that you need to check in at website is to click to this shortcut.

After triggering, this signal will be disabled. To make it working again, you will need to login to the website and enable it manually.

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