Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions from our customers. We are doing our best to provide more information about our service and its possibilities. Having any questions, please, ask us on contact webpage.


What is email notifications?

Email notifications are emails received via the Internet. These notifications are sent to the user by third-party resources (sites, services, companies) only with his consent. Notifications can contain any useful information for the user: newsletters, news about promotions, documents, personal or alarm messages, etc.

What is personal alarm service?

Personal alarm is a device, online service or mobile application that helps a person in emergency or dangerous situations. They are activated either by a button, or by entering the service, or by sending an alarm signal to special services or relatives. These signals are used to ensure personal safety.

What is personal alarms for the elderly?

These alarms are used to monitor the safety and health of older people who live alone. They are divided into two types:
  1. Devices installed in the house or things that a person carries on them.
  2. Online services and mobile apps that help to call for help or connect with relatives.
    Personal alarms allow you to monitor the safety of elderly parents or sick relatives. At the same time, the person lives independently at home, and is not in a hospital or nursing home.

What is web monitoring?

Web monitoring is an automated process for checking website availability, uptime, performance and functionality. Web monitoring is carried out using special services or programs. A service or program constantly monitors the processes and operability of a web resource, and when it fails, it notifies of a problem.

What is web reminder?

A web reminder is a reminder received via the Internet on a phone, tablet or computer. Web reminders are set by the user, using online services or reminder programs. They are used for better time management: recall an important event, a meeting, a trip to the doctor, etc. The user himself sets the date and time when each reminder should come.

Questions about service

How to send alarm message to several email addresses?

For each email address, you need to create separate signal.

I have not received confirmation email upon registration procedure, or after password change.

Please, make sure that you provided correct email address upon registration. Check your Spam folder - it may be here.

How to change email if I provided it incorrectly or if it is not valid anymore?

You will need to create a new account. You may delete old account with 'Delete me' button.

What a maximum length limit for messages?

Maximum message length is 2048 symbols, maximum subject length is 256.

What a maximum length limit for name and password?

Maximum name length is 256 symbols, maximum password length is 64.

Is it possible to attach files to messages?

Currently, no. But, it is possible to keep your files somewhere in specialized file storages and make links to them in your messages.

How to activate inactive signals?

You need to press 'Activate' button in the list of signals to make checkbox checked.

How many web resources I can monitor?

Each web monitoring signal may contain one web resource address. You may set up up to 3 web monitoring signals.

When exactly (time of day) the message will arrive?

Service does not guarantee some precision time of messages arrival. System will try to send message within the same day of active signal triggered.