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Online service - free alarm messages are now available to everyone. is a notification service designed for personal use. There are three types of notifications which are available for users: alarm, monitoring of the web resources and reminder.

The alarm can be useful while traveling abroad, or taking care of elderly relatives as well as if you live alone. If you haven’t logged in to the website for several days (this period is set by the user), your relatives will receive the alarm message that something has happened to you.

The monitoring of the web resources – you will receive a signal to your email if your website is not available or returns the 400 “Bad Request” error and above. You will be able to find out about the problems with the web resource and fix them.

The reminder will help you not to forget about the significant dates, a visit to a doctor, a report submission, etc. – be aware of the safety of your relatives as well as the efficiency of your web resources.

Who can use the service?

  • Aged people. Aged people or people with health problems are able to keep in touch with the members of their family and let them know that they are in good health. All you need is login once a day (you can arrange the period by yourself) to this service, and the family will be informed that everything is great. If you haven’t logged in, the family will get the alarm message.
  • For those, who work and study abroad. Periodically, when we have a job or are studying abroad, we forget to make a call to our family. They are concerned. You just need one minute to login to the service once in 2-3 days, and your relatives won’t worry. Finally, no alarm signal is a good sign.
  • A person in danger. If you think that something bad might take place, you are able to set up the forwarding of the notification (if you was absent on the site for several days) with an alarm message and crucial info.
  • Travelers. You can face the problem of no mobile connection or weak signal that disappears. In this situation, our service is ready to help – you just need 1 minute to login to the site once in 2-3 days, and your relatives will be informed that you are fine.
  • Owners of sites and bloggers. Nowadays, almost everybody owns a site or a blog, but we aren’t able to visit or monitor our web resources. “Monitoring web resources” is a specific signal which is offered by our services to help the owners of sites, or if your blog stops functioning, you will know about it.
  • Busy people. From time to time, we miss important appointments and birthdays, visits to the doctor, and other not less important occasions. We lose the notes and usually have no calendar. Our service suggests the “reminder” notification – just set the message for a certain day, and get the reminder about this occasion to your email.

About the service was established in 2018 as a free service for personal needs. It is designed in order to help clients make sure that their family, and friends along with web resources are safe. We aim to increase the variety of signal conditions and actions: check for certain keywords the webpages, sites or social networking, address the messages to smartphones as well as forward notices both to phones and desktop browsers. In addition, we intend to present complex conditions that will consist of several simple conditions.

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